Who runs it:

The Locomotus staff is comprised of a dynamic group of administrators, mentors and instructors, made-up of industry-leading working professionals from the advertising, marketing and entertainment industries.

Locomotus recognizes that every new student and group comes to the table with their own specific sets of challenges and dreams, so each year, we will assemble a customized, specific set of teachers and mentors to address
these needs.

The current full-time management staff is as follows:

Lincoln is a former Advertising Account Management Executive (Carol H Williams, Martin Retail, and TracyLocke) turned activist, muckraker and entrepreneur. In his professional career, Stephens has worked with top brands such as Frito Lay, Quaker, Pepsi, Cadillac, Hummer, Chevrolet, and Coca-Cola.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Lincoln is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia where he received a Bachelor’s in Journalism with a focus in Strategic Communications and recently completed his Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University.

Larry is a graduate of Morehouse College from Dallas, TX. He is well traveled, having lived in Atlanta, New York, Dallas, and London in the last 7 years.

Yarrell’s passion for understanding different cultures has fueled his quest to become a successful social entrepreneur. In addition to being one of MGP’s co founders he’s worked with brands such as Jose Cuervo, Crown Royal, Motions Proline, E! Entertainment UK & Verizon Telecom. Yarrell also holds an MBA in International Marketing which he obtained at American Intercontinental
University in London.

Aubrey Is best known for dissecting strategy and translating it into award winning creative. In prior roles, Aubrey has served as Creative Director at the nation’s leading multicultural agencies including, Commonground, Globalhue, CHWA, TBWA The True Agency and Publicis/Burrell. He has unparalleled experience in multicultural marketing amongst top brands including Nissan USA, Infiniti,

Bacardi USA, D’usse Cognac, Grey Goose Vodka, Miller/Coors, Nike Basketball and Running, Jordan Brand, Jeep, General Motors, Heineken, McDonalds, Toyota, P&G, Coca-Cola, Verizon. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Aubrey’s alma mater’s include University Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Portfolio Center. His personal outlook is to “Work twice as hard as the person you admire.”

The classically trained “account guy” participated in the stewardship of brands like DeBeers, Ford, McDonalds and Chrysler. Noticing a need to be well versed in the creative realm he took it upon himself to cross-train as a Writer, Strategist and Cultural Curator. Buie had the opportunity to work across a number of disciplines:Traditional, Multi-cultural & Digital Advertising and Marketing, Commercial production, Copy writing, Interactive project management, Entertainment based marketing, TV and Film product placement, Music production & commercial integration. Agencies that he has worked for have included McKinney, Burrell Communications, Manifest Digital, Global Hue and
J. Walter Thompson.